Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet Baby Wrens Leaving the Porch

I had some really sweet guest on my screened porch this Spring. You can go here to read an earlier post about the Carolina Wren family that moved in. The birds were extra loud this afternoon. I knew it was time. All of a sudden, both parents were flying around the porch loudly chirping commands. The babies seemed to all fly out at once!  I was a wee bit nervous. OK...shaking like a leaf. (You really don't want to see my video.) I do admit to getting carried away sometimes. This was one of those times! The babies all flew to the screen first. Four babies! Look at them!
First  picture of the new babies.

All flying! Mom and Dad were going in and out their little hole trying to tell the babies what to do. I opened the outside door to maybe help Mom and Dad.

I then commenced to take 165+ photos while peeking out the door to the porch. The babies wanted to fly around and check out the place first.
This is one cute baby bird.

These two sat on the ledge a minute.
Resting for a minute.

Look at those little legs.

This sweetie flew back to the nest for a  portrait. This is looking from inside the house to the porch. 
 So sweet.

This one enjoyed resting on the wicker chair.
He's looking a little chubby.

This one found a nice spot in the little urn.
Pure Goodness.

This little one is looking at his big new world.
Looking very healthy.

He decided to do a little climbing.
He was working so hard.

This little one flew over to check out the birdie decor.
So pretty.

This little one rested on the chair.
Look at that brave face.

This one enjoyed the sunshine.
Taking it all in with his head held high.

This little one decided to walk around a little and explore.
So Couragous.

Look how focused he is.
So Determined.

Mugging for the camera.
So Precious.

Everybirdie Welcome.
Posing with the sign.

Somebody took off!
Look at that wing span!

One by one...they all left. One little guy did give me a scare.  He was hanging around hiding behind a broom. Mom came in a few times to check on him. He soon decided to go ahead and go (not before I broke out in tears fearing he was injured and madly trying to find the number to the wildlife rescue shelter.)  One baby even came back on the porch but soon left again to join his family.
Flying away with such bravery.

Fly away babies. Fly away. Thank you for gracing me with your sweet presence. I am honored and humbled. Your sweet songs will brighten my day every morning. Tears falling. OK... getting myself together now.

About three hours later I closed the door to the porch with sadness and pride. Sad because I won't get to check on them all day every day but so so proud of ALL of them. Mom and Dad were relentless. They set up a home for the babies in a risky place (I have three dogs and we used the porch daily until I saw the Mr. starting the nest) but the porch was also a place that could offer their babies protection from bad weather and predators that often end up disasterous to the bird family (last year I lost a family that was nesting outside my window in a flower pot. The nest and eggs were destroyed by a predator late one night. I heard the terror and the fighting. The next morning, the nest was strown around in pieces.)

This goes in my book as one of those "times of my life." I don't have the words to properly dedcribe the joy this Wren family gave to me. So now with bird watching slowing down for a minute, what's next on my to-do list?

  1. Respectfully remove the nest from the porch a patch the little birdie doorways.
  2. Get a wren nesting box installed ASAP.

Bye Bye Sweet Babies.

Update: Warning: VERY Shaky video. First flight. Didn't they do great?  :-) My daughter let me know that I didn't show where the nest was on the porch. And few more pics. Can you feel my pride? On the video, make sure you check out the fourth baby jumping to the ledge.

The birdies built the nest behind the shutter.

This is looking at the nest from inside. I did drape the curtains to give them privacy after they finished building it. I peeked out.

Thank you for reading.

I'm sharing this little birdie story at some of these fun PARTIES.


  1. What a wonderful post KK. thanks for inviting me to your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your photos. I might have taken as many myself but the batteries on my camera died!

  2. The babies are adorable! Thanks for sharing this at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  3. How amazing..nature is a true joy! :-)

  4. What a wonderful post...We have a pair nesting on our porch but I am extremely worried about our four cats when the babies (who have just hatched) are ready to fly...I moved the basket they are in 3 times once the building started to put it higher away from the cats and or snakes...don't want snakes on front porch looking for a birdie snack.

    Thank you for sharing this joy with us.

    Blessings Kelsie

  5. This was just so touching! You are such a nice person to be so kind to them! The birds were adorable and I liked your story of how the mother and father birds tried to coax them outside into the world!


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