Thursday, May 19, 2011

Screened Porch Love

Hi and welcome to my porch. It was nice and warm this morning so I decided to have my coffee out here (while checking mail, blogs etc.) I live in a little country cottage and the porch is a very relaxing place to be. Since my wren family left the porch last week, I've been wanting to get out here and enjoy. You can read about my wrens here and here. (I'm so proud of those babies.)

Homie loves sitting out here.

Its a great spot to eat too.

Yes...its a big bowl of cereal with strawberries. And I ate it all!

This little screened porch is in the trees. It feels so nice when a breeze is blowing. I tried to keep accessories and furniture to a minimum because the porch is not too big and I like the focus to be on the natural beauty.

See what I mean about the trees?

The house is on a big hill. The banks are steep and covered with ivy.

This hardy hibiscus is coming along great.

The nandina is really nice on the side of the porch and the hostas always put on a big show with large leaves and flowers.

Look at the nandina flowers. It's an evergreen and produces clusters of bright red berries in fall and winter. Some call it invasive but mine is well behaved and I call it beautiful!

Oh look...a Gerbera daisy is coming back. Last year I planted three around the lamp post as annuals. I was jumping up and down when I saw it this spring. I didn't expect it to be a perennial in zone 7B.

This is a perennial bed to the left of the porch. It was grass but not any more.

A reflection of the porch and gravel path.

Stella de oro daylilies waking up.

Lookie here...a columbine volunteer.

This is another shot of the perennial bed. Not much blooming yet. Wait till next month though! There's knock-out roses, garden phlox, blanket flowers, yarrow, russian sage and coral bells. I like it much better than grass/weeds.

We can go back in this really old porch door.  I think it is sweet.

The mondo fern is trying to fill out. I said trying...

Looking out to my white bank garden. There's a white rose bush, white gaura, white shasta daisies, white mums, white salvia, lily of the valley and hostas in this area. It will explode in a few weeks with all white blooms.

Thank you so much for visiting my porch. I thank God for blessing me with all of this beauty that I enjoy every day.

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  1. Really beautiful KK! Can I come live with you?!!LOL! Have a beautiful weekend! Angie xo

  2. what a beautiful place, love your gardens

  3. Your porch is lovely! Looks very peaceful.

  4. oh so so pretty. I have a sunroom also. Arent they wonderful?

  5. Love the screened in porch, its a great space. You have an amazing view I hope my flowers will look as pretty as yours one day.

  6. Such a beautiful porch, I could spend lots of time there with a glass of cold tea. Relaxing.


  7. Your property is gorgeous. I could sit on your porch all day, especially with those strawberries! : )


  8. Oh, there is nothing like a screened in porch! Just love yours, so pretty! Your garden is looking so nice, don't you just love volunteer plants! Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  9. What a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the view. I took a peak at some of your older posts and I have to say I love the chairs and table painted in the white, what a difference the color makes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Wow. I loved my visit with you. Your home is gorgeous. Your screened in porch reminds me of mine with all the trees all around. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment.

  11. I love your porch and garden,KK! You left a note on my blog about being a 'new' gardener, but its obvious that you're a true gardener through and through. Your choice of plants is delightful, and I look forward to seeing lots more. xo Anne

  12. KK, thanks for stopping by to visit. Glad to find you. I'm following along now so I can see more of your garden. ;-) We live on our screened in porches! ~ Sarah

  13. I love screened porches. After sitting on my Great Aunt's screened porch a few years ago, I've really wanted to screen our porch. Ours is covered, but not screened. Very envious os you for such a wonderful place to unwinde. You have a lovely garden too. I think Homie wants you to feed him some of that cereal!

  14. Oh KK, I'm in love with your porch and garden too! What a wonderful, relaxing place to be.


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