Thursday, May 26, 2011

Powder Room Makeover

Hello friends... today I have a little makeover.

My cottage is a rental unit in a duplex home. I've lived here six years and I have suffered for six years with a powder room that was just plain ugly! Beware: you have been warned.

The walls would make you dizzy and nauseous. It was embarrassing. The stick on floor tiles were as bad as the me. The powder room is the only bathroom downstairs, so when guest would come over...this is where they had to go if they had to go. Its very small...4x4 feet, so it was hard to get pictures.

Early this year, every time I went in there, I would rip little pieces of wallpaper off that were coming loose. Pretty soon, all around the toilet and sink area, the paper was gone. My logic was to get the bathroom to a state where I would be motivated to fix it because it would be too late to turn back. I went ahead and started the makeover pretty quickly. My landlord agreed to deduct the cost of materials from my rent (read: very very small budget.)

Man oh man...I hate wallpaper. Even in this small room, it was a job getting it all off. I tried a solution that I picked up at Lowes...not much help. I ended up using hair conditioner mixed with warm water in a spray bottle. It took me a few days (I tend to lose interest in projects after I start them.)

After the paper was gone, I spackled the areas where sheetrock peeled with the paper. A good friend helped me take up the old floor tiles.

Next up...primer and paint. The paint is First Light by Olympic. This was my first attempt ever to paint walls. I stalled for a few days until my friend came back and she painted the bathroom. I painted all of the trim and door white.

We laid Armstrong sticky floor tiles (fake wood look.) I still have a few more small pieces of floor to finish, calking, add new shoe molding and sew a sink skirt but the room is basically finished. I am not embarrassed of my little powder room any more! Here she is...

I found the shadow box on sale at an antique store for $3.00. I'm still looking for something to place on the wall behind the commode. I replaced the medicine cabinet with this mirror that I found at Habitat Re-store for $7.00. I like it much better.

I found ALL of the decor at thrifty shops. I really like the crystal egg with a little birdie on the lid ($1.25) that I found at The Habitat Re-store. The number blocks came from Salvation Army for $2.00. The apothecary jars and shells--yard sales. I can't remember where I got the crystal kiss.

 I need a larger frame for this treasured picture. This is me and my youngest son who is 23 now. We had it taken at Central City, Colorado in 1989. Central City used to be a tourist town showcasing the old gold mining town. Now it's a gambling town and most of the historic building were gutted. Boo.

One last picture. This powder room makeover (paint, flooring and decor) was less than $75.00 but it made a HUGE difference. I am not embarrassed for my guest to go in there now.

Do you think it is  nicer? What would you put behind the commode that would not be too much with the mirror and shadow box? Have you ever seen a powder room this small? Do you think a sink skirt will make the room appear even smaller? Thanks for looking. :-))

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  1. Your bathroom turned out so nice! I really like the wall color! I love sink skirts...I think for the warmth it adds would offset if it may make it look me if a room is small, it is small...warm it up. :)

  2. I love it! Amazing transformation! I had to laugh at you picking at the wallpaper. Live with it for a while. You may decide in this small room, you have enough on the walls. Good job!

  3. Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm a new follower!

  4. Love the transformation and the paint color! Thanks for visiting and yoru nice comments!

  5. What a great transformation, I love it just the way it is! I surely could use your talent at remodeling this ol' wreck we live in.

    What a cute picture of you and your son, don't they just grow up way too fast?

  6. It looks really nice. Who would have thought a new coat of paint would make such a difference!

  7. What a difference...this is quite a transformation. I love the color you painted the room. Thank you for joining my party last week.

  8. Visiting from The Shabby Chic Cottage. I think it looks cute just as it is, but I would add a sink skirt. You're doing great!


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