Saturday, May 7, 2011

I love White

I just found a "We Love White" party hosted by Marianne at Songbird. Marianne has a beautiful blog. I am so glad I found it. I just had to go to the party as I'm lovin all things white. A few months ago, I started paintng things white and removing things that were not. White is refreshing and it allows the subtle colors and textures to be seen. I won't quit until white conquers all. I made a few collages to show off a few whites.

I also love white because it makes my rooms feel calm and soothing. That's all for now. More whites to come soon. You are in for a treat over at Songbird. There is so much beautiful white to see.


  1. I am the same as you. I just did my first white piece of furniture. I think I am going to do more. Nice post.


  2. Love your vignettes! and luuuuuuuuv how you used frames and shutters too! Simply serene, I'm sure you feel totally relaxed in your evolving white home. Great job!

  3. Your white rooms are so pretty, and I love your lamps!

  4. Love these collages. Your rooms look wonderful!

    I finally found a quiet morning to visit everybody again and actually leave a comment this time.
    Thank you again for playing in my We Love White linky party!

  5. Love your vignettes...white is addictive isn't it?
    I found you from Songbird's blog and will add your blog to my Reader list...


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