Who is KK?

Welcome. My name is Karen but my friends call me KK. KK's Place is my blog all about living in the meantime. Living NOW and enjoying the beauty around me. I needed a place to share my true LOVES. You'll mostly see me brag about my FAMILY, my DOGS, my thrifty treasures, my gardens and my decorating fun. I love all the creativity, knowledge and friendship that is shared by bloggers. I TRY to live a simple, beautiful, inspired "cottage" lifestyle. Thank you so much for stopping by. I love 
comments so please don't be shy.

Some of my favorites:
  1. my family
  2. birds
  3. dogs
  4. decorating
  5. gardening
  6. cottage lifestyle
  7. french garden decor
  8. modern country decor
  9. shabby chic
  10. farmhouse style
  11. country music
  12. white linens
  13. awhite dishes
  14. anything white
  15. adenture
  16. thrifting
  17. flea markets
  18. bedroom shoes
  19. coffee on the porch
  20. visiting with friends on the porch
  21. giving little tours of my gardens to my friends and family (citing names) ;-)
  22. to be continued