Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Garden

This is my first post on my new blog :-). I am linking up today with the famous Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday and the fabulous Cindy over at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday. My gardens are looking pretty good this year. It has been cold and rainy. Not many days of warm sunshine yet. Most of the flowers were planted last year.

I'm loving this sweet lily of the valley.

The columbines are lookin good. I hope to get a few more volunteers this year.

This is white sensation salvia. I planted 6 this year.

I treasure my heirloom purple iris. I named her Sweet Ella. I was fortunate to get a nice piece from Sweet Ella's yard after she passed away a few years ago. This is a very reliable, healthy plant. I will probably need to divide it this fall.

I added 2 peony plants this spring. The fabulous blooms are gone now but the foliage is very pretty.

My sweet daughter had this beautiful dark pink azalea delivered to me for Easter. I am one lucky mom. She knows exactly what to send me.

As if the Azalea wasn't enough, she also had this blue hydrangea sent to me. yippie yippie! I am drying a few of the blossoms now. I am blessed.

Things are really getting green around here. I think the gardens are going to burst with color in a few weeks. In the areas above, we will see russian sage, lavender garden phlox, red & yellow yarrow, white guara, bloomimg coral bells and of course more roses (dark pink and white)! There are empty spaces that I want to fill in with a bird bath and feeders, more perennials and a few annuals. Thank you for stopping by. Now go on over to Tootsies and Cindy's to see more inspiring posts.

Update: Being a new blogger ;-) and fooling around with settings, i wanted to change the url. so i did. only problem i joined 2 linky parties. now i am re-linking. oops.


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  1. Welcome!! You have a beautiful spring garden and it is way ahead of mine. My peonies are only 6 inches tall. Take care and have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend:)

  2. All of your flowers are beautiful. Seeing your hydrangeas makes me look forward to mine later in the year.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I so enjoyed my tour of what's blooming in your garden. Your garden looks very established already for only being in a year. What is your secret? Love the peonies and that beautiful white salvia. How nice of your daughter to send you plants for your garden!

  4. My comment disappeared, I like you flowers, Lily of the valley is one of my favorites.

  5. Oh...I have garden envy! I'm just planting my garden for the first time this year! Where to At least I'm having fun picking stuff out. Next I have to hit my sister in laws very established garden and see what I can steal from her...*wink*

  6. Oh..and good luck with your new blog!


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