Friday, June 17, 2011

June Garden

Hi Ladies...I've been missing in action for a few weeks. Cameras and mop buckets full of water and pine-sol don't mix well...I borrowed my daughters camera for a while so I could snap some pics in the gardens. 

In addition to my camera loss, I lost my job. Unfortunately, I'm now unemployed and trying not to panic so I can focus on finding work.

But for now, I want to share what is going on in the yard around here. I am so grateful for the beauty that I see every day.

First up is beautiful tall garden phlox.

The russian sage is soooo pretty.You can see the knockouts in the back.

The blanket flower adds a beautiful color contrast.

The fern like foilage of the sage is framing the bright blanket flowers.

The shasta daisies are open for business. The gaura is holding up the back end.

I love my daisies :-)

I like taking pictures from below the blooms.

Some more phlox with budding mums and hostas.

This picture shows the russian sage a little better.

The new red growth on the knockout leaves is so pretty.

A paprika yarrow bloom.

This yarrow bloom is open. I just love the tiny little flowerettes.

The yarrow looks like it is reaching for the sky. The ferny foilage is beautiful and is semi-evergreen.

This yarrow will bloom through fall.

The knockouts, blanket flowers and the sage look so nice together. I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do.

Hostas, liriope, periwinkle and sedum are in the white garden on the bank.

White and green goodness.

A pretty geranium that I brought in last fall for the winter.

The tropical hibiscus has one bloom open and many more to come.

Pink mums are looking good. I love taking pics of the unopened buds.

My daughter gave me this lovely star jasmine last year for my birthday. It is one of my many "grandflowers."

One of my hydrangeas in the shade garden is blooming. There are two more that haven't started to bloom yet.

I'm trying to learn how to take pics of roses.

The coneflowers are standing at attention. They are another one of my "grandflowers."

Well thats it for the garden tour today. Hope you are still here after all those pics :-)
If anyone has any leads for any type of online work that I could do from home please let me know. I have a BS in computer info systems and business. I am a single mom and have one girl in college, one in high school and my three doggies that depend on me. It has been two weeks since losing my job and I don't know what the future holds for us. It is scary. We live in a rural area of NC and all of our textiles and furniture plants have left. I am hoping my unemployment checks come SOON. Then I will be able to breathe a little better and put my energy to finding work instead of worrying.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

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  1. Always a treat to walk in another's garden. Thanks for taking us along.
    Good luck with the job search. I wish you well. ~ Sarah

  2. Your gardens look wonderful. Your hibiscus is Jane Cowell. Good luck on the job search.

  3. I really love strolling through your gardens. You have some real beauties. You had mentioned you were thinking about moving and now I see why you want to take some of your plants along with you!

    My yarrow were doing well for a while, but now seem to be blackened and shrivelled -- not sure if the sun did them in, or the sprinklers.

  4. Your blooms are looking so pretty! I especially love that paprika yarrow. Sorry to hear you're out of work. I hope you find something you absolutely love.

  5. What a beautiful garden filled with so many lovely flowers!!
    i hope you are successful at finding another job soon....


  6. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! I absolutely love all the blooms you have in your garden! So many pretty photo's to browse through! xoxo, tracie

  7. I hope you can find work soon, I can only imagine how stressful this time is. Thank goodness you have your lovely garden to go to. Your flowers are gorgeous, love the roses, the yarrow, all of them!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous pics! I hope you find a job soon and it be even better than the job before! Blessings.


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